We are delighted that you have chosen The Great Barn as your wedding venue, and we will do our utmost to ensure you have your dream day with us. The following information is here to give you guidance notes and a comprehensive list of things to think about that you might like to do and by when.

Our normal office hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday. You can also contact us via email, or by leaving a voice message and we will come back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to arrange to revisit us at any time, you are more than welcome to do so. However, as this is a private venue, you will need to make an appointment with us as there is not always someone on site.

  • Timeline for Couples

    Booking Process
    Hold a date for 7 days whilst you book the Church or Registrar, complete the booking contract and pay the deposit.

    12-9 Months prior to your Wedding
    Your Personal Wedding Manager introduces themselves, and you will book your 1st planning meeting with them to start laying out your day, selecting your wedding breakfast menu choices, and drinks options.

    9 Months prior to your Wedding
    Pay the balance of your venue hire.

    6 Months prior to your Wedding
    Pay 50% of catering and drinks based on your expected numbers.

    12 Weeks prior to your Wedding
    You will book your 2nd planning meeting with your Personal Wedding Manager to finalise details, such final guest numbers, table plans, dietary requirements, food and drink choices, and 3rd party suppliers.

    6 Weeks prior to your Wedding
    Payment of the final invoice. Guest numbers cannot be reduced from this point.

    3 Weeks prior to your Wedding
    Final sign-off of your event schedule and menus documents. No changes can be made at all inside 2 weeks.

    Wedding Day
    Access to the venue and dressing rooms will be from 9am.

    After the Wedding
    Room check-out and collection of decorations by 10am and all cars must be off site by this time.

    An invoice will be sent to you for each payment stage.

  • Venue Questions

    How many guests can be catered for at any one time?
    The Great Barn dining room can seat up to 144 guests.

    How many guests can be catered for with an evening reception?
    175 for an evening reception.

    Are you licensed for civil ceremonies & what is the maximum number of guests?
    Yes, The Cart Shed is licenced to hold ceremonies and has a capacity of 138.

    Do you have anyone to help us plan our day?
    Yes, absolutely. You will be introduced to one of our lovely Personal Wedding Managers, who will guide you through planning your day, including food and drinks packages, suppliers, timings, as well as telling you about the little things you might not have thought about! They will also be there on the day to assist you from the moment you arrive on the morning of your wedding.

    Do you offer exclusive use hire?
    Yes, this is an exclusive events venue.

    What time can we get access to the venue?
    Your hire of the venue is from 9am until midnight.

    What time does the venue close?
    The music goes off and bar closes at midnight, with guests and suppliers being asked to finish their drinks and leave the building and off site by 12.30am.

    Is all the furniture included in the price?
    Yes, your venue hire includes all the wooden tables, chairs, napkins, outside furniture, fairy lights on the beams, PA system, cake table, stand and cake knife, easel. All glassware, cutlery and crockery are included in the catering as well as disposable plates and napkins for your evening food.

    Can we bring in our own DJ or live entertainment?
    Yes, absolutely. They will need to provide relevant insurance documentation and PAT testing certificates.

    What is not included in the venue hire price?
    Accommodation and breakfast, chair covers, DJ, catering & drinks, decorations, candles & candelabra, the registrar, tablecloths for rustic tables, and entertainment.

    What are the music restrictions?
    We do have a licence for live music up to 95 decibels and a music limiter that musicians must use to play through. All music to finish by midnight. Please note that bands will be required to use electronic drum kits. Smoke machines and confetti canons are not allowed.

    Is there a PA system?
    In The Great Barn there is a wireless microphone and PA system for speeches.

    How should I supply the music for the Wedding Ceremony?
    We require your music on a Spotify playlist which needs to be downloaded onto one of your devices, and you MUST bring the connecting lead. You will need to provide 5 songs, (walk down the aisle, 3 during signing of the register and then one as the new couple).

    Can a phone / music player be plugged into the system?
    Yes, but you MUST bring a connecting cable.

    Can music be played outside?
    We allow music outside for drinks receptions, although we do not allow music outdoors beyond 5pm of respect for our neighbours.

    Is it possible to bring things in or set up the day before?
    You can bring things in the day before which can be put in our storeroom (by appointment only). However, you will not be able to do any setting up of the venue until your hire period starts at 9am. Please note that your Personal Wedding Manager will arrange for staff to be available to help with setting up simple items for you.

    Where can wedding gifts be stored?
    Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for storing wedding gifts. However, we do advise that it is a good idea to have the responsible person from the wedding party take them away to a locked car at a convenient time before the wedding breakfast, and then again after the arrival of evening guests who may bring additional gifts.

    When do we need to collect everything by?
    Suppliers must collect all items by 9am the morning after your wedding. You will need to remove your belongings by 10am the following morning. Please note that we reserve the right to withhold the security deposit until you have collected all your belongings, including any rubbish.

    How many toilets are there?
    There are 2 ladies’ cubicles, 2 gent’s cubicle, 3 urinals, and a disabled lavatory with baby changing facilities.

    Is there a cloakroom to hang coats and hats?

    Is there sufficient parking space?
    We have ample hard parking space which is adjacent to the venue and lit up at night for safety.

    Is there access for coaches?
    Yes, please just confirm the details of this with your Personal Wedding Manager.

    Can cars be left overnight?
    Yes, but at owners’ risk. Please ensure that cars are off the property by 10am at the latest as respect for the incoming wedding party to ensure there is enough parking.

    Can our guests bring tents or camper vans to stay on site over night?
    No, unfortunately we are neither licenced, insured or equipped to deal with camping on site.

    Are there grounds around the venue for photos?
    Yes, we have a large garden with a spectacular view over the countryside.

    Can confetti be used on the premises?
    Yes, provided it is used outside, and they are dried natural flower petals or lavender. We do not permit paper confetti or rice as it gets wet and is very difficult to clear up, making it look untidy for other couples. Confetti cannons are not allowed.

    Can table gems be used?
    No, we do not allow table gems within the venue.

    Do you have any preferred suppliers you can recommend?
    We do not have a preferred suppliers list, although we do have a list of suppliers that have worked for several couples at The Great Barn.

    Can we bring in our own outside suppliers or do the venue dressing ourselves?
    Yes, absolutely but you will need to remove all decorations or equipment after the event by the following morning. Please note that access for suppliers is from 9am on the day of the wedding.

    Do you need anything from our suppliers?
    They will need to provide relevant insurance documentation and PAT testing certificates where necessary.

    Can we bring inflatables such as bouncy castles?
    No, unfortunately inflatables such as bouncy castles are not permitted.

    Can photographers / suppliers visit the venue prior to the wedding for a viewing?
    Yes, if they contact us, we can arrange a convenient time.

    Is there a dressing room?
    Yes, the dressing room which is included in the venue hire price which will be available between 9am – 8pm for you and your wedding party to get ready before the ceremony. The room has toilet facilities, 4 dressing stations, full length mirror, tea & coffee. Please note that no outside food or drink can be brought in.

    Is the venue insured?
    Yes, The Great Barn as an operator take insurance and health and safety very seriously.

    Is a deposit needed and is there a cancellation policy?
    Yes, we require a £2,000 deposit on signing the contract which is non-refundable. If the deposit is higher than your venue fee, the additional money will go towards your catering and drinks menu.

    Do your prices include VAT?
    Yes, all our prices are inclusive of VAT.

    What is the payment structure?
    1. £2,000 deposit.
    2. The balance of venue hire 9 months prior to your wedding,
    3. 50% of estimated catering and drinks based on minimum numbers, 6 months prior to your wedding.
    4. The balance of the catering and drinks package along with a £500 refundable security deposit, 6 weeks prior to your wedding.

    Can I make changes inside 6 weeks before my wedding?
    Yes, but for each change there will be a £25 administration fee up to 2 weeks prior to your wedding. There are no changes to be made inside 2 weeks before your wedding date. If you do require changes to be made inside 2 weeks, then there will be a £250 administration fee. Payments must be made on receipt.

    Are there any hidden charges?
    No, we try and make everything very clear about what is and isn’t included and make recommendations you might not have considered.

    How do we make a reservation?
    We hold a date for 7 days whilst you book the Church or Registrar, complete the booking contract and pay the deposit.

    How do we confirm our booking?
    We require you to complete and sign a booking contract and we will then send you an invoice for your deposit. You can pay by BACS, debit or credit card. We do not accept cheques or cash. Please note that if you intend to pay by card that you will need to allow 5 working days for bank clearance.

  • Food & Drink Questions

    Is there in-house catering?
    We have our own in-house team of exceptionally talented chefs who have a tremendous amount of experience, passion, and flair for all things food.

    Can we use our own caterers?
    No, because we have invested significantly into our kitchens, equipment and staff.

    What if we would like something your chefs cannot provide?
    Our very experienced team of chefs can turn their hands to most things. Unfortunately, there may well be circumstances that they are not able to meet your requirements, so if this is likely to be the case, it is important you ask at the outset before booking with us.

    Is there any flexibility on the menu?
    Our chefs have an extensive catering repertoire and are happy to discuss bespoke menus. Please note that bespoke menus will carry a minimum surcharge of £500 depending on your menu requirements.

    Will you serve our wedding cake?
    Yes. We recommend serving the cake as part of the evening buffet. The catering team will cut the cake and put it on platters and provide napkins. They won’t however cut up the cake and put it in to individual boxes.

    Is there a minimum spend on food or drink?
    Yes. All food and drink packages have no minimum numbers, but we do require a minimum spend for the Wedding Breakfast, Drinks Package and Evening Food. Additional charges are levied for events between Christmas and New Year, and on Bank Holidays to cover increased staffing and supply costs.

    What provision do you have for children’s meals?
    We do have Children’s menus.

    Do you charge for babies and young children, and do you have any highchairs?
    If we are not providing a meal for a baby or young child, then we will not charge you for them. Parents are welcome to bring in food for children in a highchair, which we have several and will provide these free of charge. There are no facilities for guests to heat any baby food.

    Can we offer our guests a choice of menu?
    Included in the price of the menu you get 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert as well as a vegetarian option. However, should you wish to offer guests a choice of any dishes there will be supplementary charges. Please note these charges are applicable for all guests, and not just those who choose the option. We will need all food choices to be made ready for the final planning document.

    Do we have to feed our suppliers?
    Yes, most suppliers including photographers and bands often require feeding, so it is important to find out from them if this is required, for how many and at what time, so that we can build it into the plan for the day.

    Can we bring in a cheese wedding cake?
    If you’d preferred a cake of cheese, this would need to be provided in-house. We can offer a number of tiers with a variety of cheeses, all of which comes with biscuits, chutneys, plates and knives, along with staff to look after this.

    Can we bring in our own food?
    No, except for a traditional wedding cake and food for very young children not having a meal supplied by us. Due to food laws, any cakes delivered for the catering team to serve will need to be supplied with a full list of storage instructions and allergens. We reserve the right to not serve a wedding cake if we determine it to not be fully cooked. Please note we cannot refrigerate any food including wedding cakes or cook / reheat any children’s food.

    Can the catering team provide for specific dietary requirements?
    If any of your day or evening guests have any dietary requirements other than vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian, then we request that they must complete our online form a minimum of 2 weeks before the event. This includes allergies, religion or medical requirements and is there so that our chefs can accurately and diligently address their needs. Please note that failure to do so will mean they will be served the same as other guests.

    Do you offer food tasting events?
    We hold tasting events throughout the year for an additional fee. Details can be found on our website.

    Do you have a licenced bar?
    We have a fully licensed bar to serve alcohol until midnight. We accept credit and debit cards only. Please note we do not accept cash.

    How do you manage underage drinking?
    We operate a strict ”Think 25” policy and will only serve alcohol to over 18’s with valid identification. Please advise any young looking over 18-year-olds to bring valid ID to prevent any embarrassment and disappointment on the day.

    Can you supply your own alcohol and what is the fee?
    No, all alcohol must be purchased from The Great Barn.

    Are we allowed to bring in beverage favours?
    Unfortunately, we do not allow couples to bring in beverage favours, although these can be purchased as part of your drinks package.

    What is the average price for a pint and a price of a glass of wine from the bar?
    Our bar prices are based on standard bar / restaurant prices and are subject to change occasionally throughout the year.

    Can we pre order drinks?
    Yes, our experienced team can recommend how many drinks you will need at different stages throughout the day. Any unopened bottles that are left over can be collected and taken away the next day. However, no refunds are given based on what is not consumed.

    Can we set up a tab for drinks?
    You can set up a bar tab for amounts of £500 or more. We can let you know when you are reaching your limit throughout the day so that should you wish to extend it, you can. Bar tabs are at standard bar prices. Payment can be taken in advance, or alternatively paid for on the day.

    Does the bar serve draught beer and lager?
    We do serve draught lager and beer, along with a variety of bottled beers, ales and cider.

    What time does the bar open and close?
    The bar will be open an hour before the ceremony takes place, but we cannot open earlier than 11am. The bar will close at midnight.

  • Accommodation Questions

    Is there any accommodation on site?
    We have 3 cottages sleeping up to 10 guests available for you to hire. The Garden & Stable cottage can sleep up to 4 guests each with two king size rooms in each cottage, one of which can be made into a twin room. There is one king size room available in the Orchard Cottage.

    If you choose not to have the accommodation than a non-occupancy fee will apply.

    Check in to the cottages is at 6pm and check out the following day being at 10am. Continental breakfast is provided in the cottages.

    Aynho Cottages will invoice you 9 months prior to your wedding for the full cottage amount or non-occupancy fee, as well as confirm details of those staying in the cottages.

  • Venue Rules & Information

    The Registrar
    The Great Barn is registered with Northampton West Registration Office. You will need to book with them independently to hold your ceremony at our venue . Their charges vary for different times of the week and year.

    They are very helpful and will try to accommodate you where possible. They have a range of timeslots available throughout the day. The registrar will turn up 30 minutes before the ceremony and spend 15 minutes with each of you on your own before the ceremony starts. The ceremony will then take approximately 30 minutes, at which point when you have signed the register they will go on to their next appointment. As they are so busy, they will not make themselves late and so it is very important you are ready on time.

    Setting up the venue
    We ensure that by 9am in the morning of your wedding that the furniture will be in place. From this point on, the in-house catering and bar team, plus any of your other chosen suppliers, or family and friends can come in and start to get set up. Please note that we will have a member of the venue team on hand to assist with setting up the venue for you so that you and your wedding party can concentrate on getting ready.

    If anyone wishes to bring in things the day before, they are more than welcome to do so (by appointment only) and place them in our storeroom for easy access in the morning. The venue generally takes about 2 – 3 hours to get set up depending on how many guests you have and how much there is to bring into the venue.

    Decorations – house rules
    Please do not damage the premises in any way or use nails, screws, staples, glue, tape or any other permanently damaging fixatives to decorate and adorn the barns. We have already strategically placed hooks around the buildings on beams for you to use as fixing points to make things easier for you, but also to reduce damage to paintwork. We do not provide any ladders, steps or equipment.

    You or your venue dresser are responsible for taking down any decorations that you bring with you at the end of the evening, and you will be liable for any damage, decoration removal or excessive clearing up because of not doing so.

    You are welcome to bring you own if you wish. Candles must be inside a container so that wax does not leak on to the tables causing damage.

    Fireworks & Chinese lanterns
    We do not permit lanterns or fireworks.

    Outdoor heaters, braziers & fire pits
    We have our own fire pit that can be hired at a separate fee.

    Table sizes
    We have 24 handmade 6ft long (by 5ft 5 incheswide) rustic tables which we can either set up in a banquet style or 2 side-by-side creating a square table to seat up to 12 guests.

    Smoking & Vaping
    Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside this venue. There are designated smoking areas outside the venue with ashtrays.

    Plug in chargers
    Please ensure that if you need to use one of our power points to charge a device that you ask the Venue Manager prior to doing so. All chargers must carry the registered CE trademark.

    Lost property
    The venue is generally cleaned directly after the party has finished so that if anything is found, it will be put with your things to go through the following day. If it is not immediately found we will gladly take the name and number of the person that has lost something, so that should it turn up, we can contact them directly. Please note we will only keep items for 7 days.

    Personal possessions or belongs that are damaged or go missing
    Please note that The Great Barn shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property at the venue and is left at the owners’ risk.

    Own alcohol
    No alcohol may be brought on site without prior permission including drinks bought by guests for personal consumption. The venue licensees reserve the right to confiscate any unauthorised alcohol and ask the offending guests to leave the property. Persistent offending may result in the venue closing immediately and a £500 fine being issued to the wedding couple.

    If any alcohol is given as a gift, please ensure that you make one of the management staff aware so that they can put it in safe keeping, and prevent any fines being incurred.

    If any of The Great Barn staff find any, or find any person using what they believe to be illegal drugs on the property, those guests will be escorted from the building and the local authorities will be contacted immediately to investigate the matter further.

    We love to see children enjoying being at The Great Barn, but please be aware that they must be kept under strict supervision at all times to try and prevent any unnecessary accidents. This will be an unfamiliar environment for everyone attending with a lot of noise and distractions throughout the day.Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please do your part to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day.

    We do not encourage guests to bring animals on site as they may cause offense to other guests. However, if you would like a pet to be a part of your ceremony, or need to bring an animal on site for medical reasons, we kindly ask that you seek permission beforehand and look after your animal responsibly.

    We have a number of taxi companies we use on a regular basis and our management team will be more than happy to provide numbers. Please do not leave it until the last minute as you may be disappointed, and it is a long walk.

    Disabled Access
    The Great Barn has good access throughout, with wide paths and doors, gentle ramps instead of awkward steps and a designated disabled lavatory. If there is anything further that we can do to make it more user friendly, we will be glad of any advice.

    Staff Gratuities
    Tips to staff are entirely at your discretion, but are very much appreciated if you are pleased with the service you receive. However, we do not accept cash or tips through a drink.


  • We had our wedding at The Great Barn in May 23. It was the most beautiful venue and the team were fantastic.
    Leading up to the wedding day Laura was very helpful in answering any questions and we felt reassured and in good hands throughout the planning process.
    On the day Sarah and the team were brilliant in ensuring that every detail was taken care of and the day went as smoothly as possible.
    We were lucky to have great weather and our guests really enjoyed the grounds and lawn games. We also stayed in the garden cottage which we would highly recommend to end the day.
    Thank you so much to the whole team!
    Jacqueline and Freddy x

  • We had our wedding at The Great Barn back in June and it is honestly the most beautiful wedding venue! The whole planning process with Laura was completely stress-free, and Hannah and the team on the day were so friendly and helped to ensure the day flowed smoothly. We'd highly recommend The Great Barn, thank you again!

  • We had our wedding at The Great Barn in May 2023.
    Support running up to the big day with all our planning was great. During the day itself, the team were reassuring (very important for the Bride) attentive and discreet throughout the day. It all helped with the most magical day for us both and our guests. We also had the Cottage for the wedding night. Lovely place to wake up as Mr & Mrs!

  • I just wanted to write a quick email to say a huge thank you to you and the team for our amazing wedding on Saturday. It went without a hitch and everything was exactly as I envisioned. I cannot thank you enough. The team working on the day were conscientious, efficient and extremely professional and it ran incredibly smoothly. The venue is obviously also very beautiful and your team kindly decorated it exactly as I planned. Huge thanks to yourself as well for always being extremely helpful and working hard in the background to ensure the day ran smoothly.
    Charlotte & Eoin, July 2023

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